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Virtual Reality First Aid

First Aid VR are specialists in cost effective and realistic training solutions.

First Aid VR allows users to be immersed in a real life emergency scenario while measuring the effectiveness of treatment in a safe and credible situation.

You can implement the latest Virtual First Aid Course within your company

Lead the way in becoming an early adopter, utilising the most effective training tool to save a life. Virtual Reality First aid Training.

The First Aid VR platform is designed to be totally immersive, placing the student into a simulated First Aid environment that is realistic and emotive.

In an industry which values the safety and preparedness of its people, First Aid VR is the leader in for immersive first aid training. 

Train in realistic scenarios, from an airplane to a mining environment

VR puts you inside a situation.

You are not told what the situation is like.

You can feel what the situation is like and what the circumstances require.

The speed of your response can save a life.

VR lets you see and feel the full picture.

Measurable training that can record rate, rhythm and depth of cardiac compressions

VR gives you training options, often either/or choices.

With VR you can be the actor, the helper, the watcher.

In all cases you feel like you are inside the situation.

Feeling inside the action is the key to rapid learning and long-term retention.

Trainee engagement ensuring the training is effective and fun

Feeling the body under your hands, or feeling the stress of the situation as an observer, encodes the experience in your memory.

You didn’t watch the action. You didn’t watch someone else respond.

You feel the seconds ticking. You feel the body under your hands. And you feel the progress of the situation as you respond and act.

Growth with scenarios like Snake bite management, Anaphylaxis reaction training and much more

VR lets you accurately measure compression rates, rhythm and resuscitation breaths.

VR’s realistic scenarios are cost-effective ways to create accurate training environments.

VR First Aid allows users and trainers to effectively manage training outcomes.

Our Process

Customized scenario development, or off the shelf scenarios

The benefits of reduced time and reduced costs when utilising FIRST AID VR provide a new benchmark in the industry where training scenarios are often expensive and time consuming.

Work with us to develop more customized applications that can be tailored to your needs. Helping you create a safer world

The FIRST AID VR training platform eliminates many of the issues high-risk workplaces face when providing training for large groups, such as the difficulty trainers face when assessing each individual to a strict standard.

Pick the First Aid related skill sets like CPR, Airway obstruction management or any of your choice

FIRST AID VR offers unparalleled training simulations which provide realistic scenarios to test first aid trainees, and also to measure the effectiveness of their skills.

By providing accurate measurements for compression rate, rhythm and resuscitation breaths, the technology offers a higher level of assessment than what is offered by other first aid training courses.

Plug and play. Effortlessly get immersed in the world of VR First Aid

The adoption of FIRST AID VR offers the pinnacle of first aid training in the industry, valuing the safety and lives of all staff. The program offers a shining example of how VR technology can create a more easily accessible training environment.

The process also provides new avenues of assessment so that each staff member is given adequate attention to reach new levels of competence.

Rest Assured, We Can Scale to Any Business Size

The new way to deliver, train and assess first aid training within a safe, controlled and realistic environment.

Let Us Introduce You to Modern VR Training

Utilizing the latest technology we have created the next generation in training solutions with VR First Aid. Supported across all major VR platforms to be easily adaptable and flexibility for any use case.

including Oculus Quest 2, Pico neo 3 pro and HTC Vive Focus 3


Toddler and Infant CPR training


Venomous bite training


Burns training


Anaphylactic reaction training


Obstructed airway training


And much much more.


To create a world of cost effective and realistic first aid training solutions. We will maintain flexible delivery methods with our realistic environments and scenarios.


Being able to train and teach life saving skills that are affordable for all trainee’s no matter where the are.


Integrity. Boldness. Honesty. Trust. Accountability. Commitment to Customers. Passion. Fun.

Let Us Set the Scene – Whatever It Is!

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the CPR manikin give feedback?

Yes, it gives feedback on rate and depth of cardiac compressions.


Can i use my existing manikins for training within this VR environment?

Yes, you can. We have two different models. The manikin we provide has greater data feedback. Or we will give you an adapter to use within any CPR manikin you currently have. 


Are there other First Aid applications?

We are developing other training scenarios which include Snake Bite management and Anaphylaxis management training.

What sort of scenarios do you have?

We have multiple. We have off-the-shelf mining and office space, and can customise to whatever risk you may have.

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